The Java Operating System

100% in Java and open source

The system is called jEmbryoS as a shorthand for the Java Embryo System. It is an embryo because of big efforts required to make any operating system mature. But it is very promising. Don't believe ? Then read the description.

And to recognize and respect busy visitors here is a short introduction:

First - this page is all about operating system. If you want to know more about operating systems then it is recommended to read articles like this to get some introduction into the subject described here.

Now meet a big knowledge ocean, related to the system architecture, system performance, complex hardware and so on. Here you can gather a skill of not only complex system understanding, but after combining it all together you can synthesize something really useful and profitable.

Now, if you know the drive of making a very promising system, then here's the way to feel it again! And the promise is simple - the future of computer systems is defined here. Yes, you can look at it with some suspicion, but the Java system merged with hardware is a real enabler. And C-way performs worse here. Contemporary compilers just unable to cope with the complexity of pointers in unmanaged languages. But Java can. Together with the hardware support it can win. And the winer name is jEmbryoS!

And now the benefits for developers:

First of all here you can get so needed experience. Work on a complex system and some visible result achievement is a great addition to your knowledge and CV. And next you can think about an opportunity to be among the first people who has an expertise in the field of evolving Java Operating Systems. It is possible to deliver very efficient solution in the area of cloud computing or virtual server platform just in a year or two. The benefits of the first participants are really exciting, just think about!

Now you can:

Read about or Download

Discuss the system with many people or participate in the developer forum

Look at the Machine level Java, a new promising technology for the best performance in Java

It is time to change the world, let's do it !